This black and white photo from the 1950's was first restored before color was added. Not all photos are great candidates for colorization, but notice how the addition of color here helps create definition and depth beyond what was visible in the original image.

The colors were chosen in consultation with our client and her sister (both pictured here as young girls) so as to keep the colorized photo as historically accurate as possible.

Many times when older color photos fade they lose so much of their original color that we need to essentially colorize the photo to bring it back to it's original look.

This original color of this landscape photo was still somewhat visible but our restoration professionals were able to use colorization techniques to bring it back to it's original full color.

Whenever possible, we like to use reference photos to help us ensure that the final look of a colorized image is accurate to the time and place it was originally taken.

In this case there were no references available so we tried a number of different color palettes to keep this image true to it's 1960's origin.

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