This photo, taken in the early 1970's is a great example of many that we see. Over time the color has faded, taken on a pink cast, and some of the lighter elements have yellowed slightly. Use the slider to see the before and after!

Many of our customers want to preserve the vintage charm of an old family portrait while simply removing scratches and scuffs picked up from years of being shuffled around from photo albums, attics, and shoeboxes.

This image had heavy scratches covering some of the most important parts of the image, namely the subject's nose, mouth, and eyes. In addition to recovering these essential details, we made sure to preserve and restore the beautiful decorative border that was an important part of this family heirloom.

Over the years some photos will fade so severely that much of the original contrast and detail appears to be almost completely missing. DigitalCustom's restoration professionals have years of experience in coaxing long-lost details out of many photos that might otherwise be lost to time.

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